About the Blogger

I’m Claire, the blogger behind Shakespeare and Me. I’m a twenty-five year old New Mexican living in Seattle pursuing a life in the arts.

I’m currently working as a Box Office Assistant Manager and a Dramaturg. I live with my playwright and fiance William, we’ve been engaged since May of 2015. We’re in the last months of wedding planning, our wedding is on June 24th at the NMSU Center for the Arts, the theater we spent the last year of college living and working in (the theater we worked in for the first three years of our undergraduate, the Hershel Zohn Theater, was demolished in 2014).

We graduated in May 2014 from the department of theatre arts at NMSU after being named their two outstanding seniors and moved to Seattle to start an adventure in the Pacific Northwest in a town that had a reputation as a good place for fledgling artists and start up theatre companies. In January of 2016, we became two of four co-founders of Frozen Sea Theatre Collective, a company geared towards art that breaks up our assumptions of society and forces us to look within. You can read more about us here, I’ll definitely be sharing about the joy and chaos of running a theatre company. William primarily works as a playwright and writer, and I primarily work as a dramaturg and I’m excited to have a platform on which to share some creative thought, explore processes, and talk a lot about the challenges and excitements of being in a field that’s rapidly developing.




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