A Disclaimer

I could be wrong about everything I post. I’m not perfect, and I will be wrong at some point. I think one of the most important things about dramaturgy and theatre in general is the willingness to be wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I love being right (hell, that’s probably why I like dramaturgy so much) and it’s definitely a hit to my ego (like when I posted that video link to the Mid Atlantic Accent and it just sounded like people talking under water) but I learn more when I’m wrong than when I’m right.

When I took my first theory class in college my final project was to position myself between theorists, borrowing and taking what we liked and challenging what we didn’t agree with, and presenting our own theory to the world. I can’t remember all the specifics of mine (other than my reasoning with Foucault to explain the amount of sexuality in the theatre world and the joy of discovering my love for bell hooks), but the most important part was being able to take and borrow our own parts of theory into the world with us.

I want you to feel free to take everything with a grain of salt. Take what you can, and leave what you can’t take with you.

I primarily want to use this blog as a way to explore theories and thoughts I have around life and theatre. I don’t think William is tired of hearing me talk (yet) but I’m eager to add my thoughts to a larger community.



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